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New Release a “Sweetish” Regency— The Earl Next Door



Lord Brandon Maxwell is a flawed man. He lives daily with the ugly memories of the death and destruction he witnessed during England’s war with Napolean. He has become a recluse, avoids people as much as he can, knowing anything can trigger the anxiety attacks that debilitate him. His only solace is the controversial column he writes anonymously for his brother’s newspaper, and the occasional glimpse of his enchanting neighbor, Lilliana.

Lilliana Staplehurst is about to be evicted. Having lost her parents in a horrible accident six months earlier, she knows the man set to inherit will be arriving any day to boot her from her home. The only distraction from her woes is her weekly correspondence with a mystery man who writes for the local newspaper. When he suggests they meet, she jumps at the chance to put the egotistical man in his place.

The two neighbors realize quickly they are destined to be together. Although they accept their feelings for one another and allow their love to grow, soon the memories from Maxwell’s past threaten what should be a happily-ever-after. Lilliana will have to be strong enough for both of them, to help him move beyond the past and embrace their future happiness.

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Hello Dear Readers, This month’s agenda is filled with Christmas posts 🙂 For me Christmas has always been a family season, and even if I haven’t enjoyed it in the last years as I used to, I’m havi…

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Tea and cakes

A popular theme in Austen, Austenesque, and meetings of Janeites is tea, usually served with bread and butter or cakes, or both. In the time period, cakes usually referred to what we call soft cook…

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Building a social media platform

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Death Comes to Pemberley

P.D. James wrote the novel and it was adapted for television earlier this year. The main plot is, as the title reveals, a murder. Who did it? And why? Who is that mysterious lady in Lambton? There …

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Seven Costumes and A Castle

Summer greetings to all of you! I have not travelled to the Lake District, nor have I picked strawberries. But I have seen an exhibition that might interest you. First, some familiar faces. All of …

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The dapper beau – a yummy Regency stereotype

So today I’ve invited a lady who writes Regency novels – mainly because I am rather fond of Regency novels – after all, what is there to dislike about novels in which extremely we…

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68 Book Marketing Ideas To Help Authors Increase Sales

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The good reasons behind strict courtship rules

Today, I turn my blog over to Maria Grace. She has been writing fiction since she was ten years old, but those early efforts happily reside in a file drawer and are unlikely to see the light of day…

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Spiral cake with marbled sponge – or cake and maths

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