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May 2015

10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time


Ten years ago tonight, the BBC premiered a four-part miniseries, North & South (not to be confused with the Patrick Swayze-starring civil war drama of the same name), adapted from Elizabeth Gaskell’s 19th-century novel of cross-class romance in the industrial North of England. The BBC didn’t harbor huge expectations for the series, coming as it did in the midst of a glorious decade of nonstop adaptations of major works by Austen, Brontë, and Dickens. But then, a few weeks later, the fourth installment of North & South ended with a tender, long-awaited kiss (now known to viewers as “The Kiss”). Immediately, so many people flooded the BBC’s online message boards that they crashed and shut down. It’s been enshrined in fangirl lore as “the infamous night that period drama fans broke (a small part of) the BBC (dot com).”

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Time to celebrate – 100,000 hits on All Things Georgian

All Things Georgian


Here at ‘All Things Georgian’ we have topped the 100,000 hits on our blog, so time to celebrate. We have been simply astounded by the level of support from all our readers and for the lovely comments we have received both on the site and on social media. We would like to say a massive ‘Thank You‘ to everyone who has read our blog and a special ‘Thanks’ to those who have helped us to promote it.

When we began writing our blog it was simply designed as somewhere to put information that we weren’t using in our books and thought that some of our discoveries might interest one or two people. For the first few months it ‘ticked along’ with a few hits each month and we were delighted that a few people were interested in our ‘scribblings’.  Then, all of a sudden, it took off…

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