twitterTo say I am obsessed with the tale of North and South is such an understatement! In truth, I’m not at all certain there is a word within the English language that fully explains my interest in that story.

I came across the mini-series on Youtube, after watching just a few clips from the BBC version. THIS link is my favorite tribute to them: North and South- May I?  Beautiful, beautiful tribute!

I read the book a half a dozen times (certain parts many, many more times), watched the adaptation with the dashing Richard Armitage and Daniela Danby-Ashe, and also the original 1970’s version with Patrick Stewart (!!) and Rosalie Shanks before considering what part of the plot I could manipulate to the throw the characters into a greater tizzy than they did to themselves!

So, I started thinking… what if… Margaret wasn’t really Margaret? Like what if somehow a woman from the future had to try to crack the stern personality of this mill-owner? How would a very proper, very uptight Victorian ‘gentleman’ react to a very modern, very well educated woman from the future? That was the whole theme of the book… and her trying to adjust to chamber pots, and weird language and horse dung in the street!

I had the most fun writing the Angry Birds scene… He finds her cell phone, and being a man of technology… I had a wonderful time writing this story.

There will be more “What-ifs” coming from me in the future. I look forward to twisting them into many more uncomfortable situations. So many wonderful versions of a re-imagined Pride and Prejudice available but far fewer of North and South.

I would love for you to read this! It’s now available at Amazon for Kindle here: Master of Her Heart It’s FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Would love to know what you all think of it!