When I was writing Master of Her Heart, I started as a Fan Fiction creator. There are two places I posted my raw writing:  Wattpad and FanFiction.

As I posted each chapter, I included some quotes from a musical piece I thought applied to that particular grouping of scenes. Because I didn’t wish to infringe on copyrights, or pay for the right to use the music for such a small, insignificant part of the larger work, I decided not to include these quotes in the actual book.

But I did create a playlist and loved listening to the following as I wrote the story. I included the YouTube video links for your pleasure, and be certain to check out Master of her Heart at Amazon (FREE for Kindle Unlimited users!)

May I, Trading Yesterday   (THIS ONE IS AMAZING!!)

Angel, Sarah McLachlan

All of Me, John Legend

Everything had Changed, Taylor Swift

Safe, Katie Arminger

Not a Bad Thing, Justin Timberlake

Love of My Life, Sammy Kershaw

Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

God Gave me You, Blake Shelton (Kinda sad now, because he and Miranda split)

Wanted, Hunter Hayes

For Always, Josh Groban

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did as I was writing Master of Her Heart. It’s so interesting to me that no matter what genre of music, the lyrics can move a person. These are all rated G songs.  Enjoy!!