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March 2016

Andrew Lownie, Andrew Lownie Literary Agency

APERITIF Name: Andrew Lownie. AMUSE BOUCHE Agency: Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd. HORS D’OEUVRE What was your first job in the industry, which led directly or indirectly to your current agent r…

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A Real Head Scratcher

Good morning from the soggy, but now sunny, Eastern Shore of Maryland!  It’s quite unusual for me to be sitting here in the light of day writing the blog, it usually happens in the wee hours …

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Why I write neo-Victorian Fiction

Rereading Jane Eyre

I’ve had a special and personal interest in Victorian Literature since I was about 12, when my teacher, Sister Catherine, used to read aloud to us, mostly Victorian novels, which I grew to love. She introduced me to the Victorians. I vividly remember listening to The Moonstone, David Copperfield, Little Women, Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn. I can still hear her soft sibilant voice tell us all those wonderful stories, which made us laugh and cry. I wrote a post about Sister Catherine some time ago.


I write historical fiction because I love travelling in time and space. I’m not interested in purposefully (I’m afraid I can’t control my subconscious) writing about myself or my contemporaries, at the moment. I prefer to lose myself in other places and eras. I’m especially obsessed with Victorian times and writers, because they have become my beacon in the sea…

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Just Jane 1813 Travels to South Africa For An Interview With Ivy May Stuart

Good morning  Just Jane 1813 readers. Today I excited to have us visit with Ivy May Stuart in South Africa, where the author of “Becoming Elizabeth” has joined us for an intervie…

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Bluestem Writer’s Workshop

Writers Workshop Poster 2016 Click here to visit The Bluestem Writers’ Workshop event to pay online

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Prince Albert’s Model Cottages

Ever wondered why there is a house in Kennington Park bearing the inscription ‘Model Houses for Families Erected by HRH Prince Albert’? This 2-storey structure was actually one of what …

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When Dolly Wilde Met Zelda Fitzgerald

It’s not widely known that Oscar Wilde’s niece Dorothy, always known as Dolly, was written into then out of Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald after she made a drunken pass at h…

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Walk On The Dark Side

Max Dunbar

spy-out-the-landThere’s been recent literary interest in the famous MI6 traitors of the twentieth century – Ben MacIntyre’s classic book on Kim Philby, and more recently Andrew Lownie’s thoughtful, more sympathetic bio of Guy Burgess. The lives of the Cambridge spies follow a familiar arc – Eton, university, WW2, Secret Service, promotion, ardour, travel, booze – then exposure, a last-moment fade to the Soviet Union, and a final act of lonely, alcohol-assisted decline. (All the spies who ended their days in Moscow – Philby, Burgess, Maclean – seem to have missed England terribly. Lownie’s chapters on Burgess’s last days in Russia make you actually feel sorry for the guy).

Jeremy Duns‘s trilogy of spy books broke the curve. His double agent Paul Dark was converted to the Soviet cause by a moment of love and betrayal at the end of the second world war. By the time we meet him, in…

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A hired assassin, a dead body, a hot secretary and a large wall of force known as Johnny.

There is a whole sub-genre of “chick lit” or women’s fiction available to readers. If there was a counterpart, call it “dude fiction” or stuff for manly men, then this great story would fit the bill. It really was written with male sensibilities in mind, but it was an engaging tale even for this woman.51q3SG6iPzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

The book starts off with a scream- literally, the main character Danny has been knifed and is stitching his arm shut while yelling at his side kick Johnny to drive a bit more carefully. His language was a bit more colorful (hence my suggestion it was written by/for men). Danny is a “mostly” legit businessman, but he does work with a lovely barman named Tom who hooks him up with some more lucrative gigs. It’s through these sketchy gigs that Danny gets himself into scrapes.

Throw in a hired assassin, a dead body, a hot secretary and a large wall of force known as Johnny, you have quite an entertaining story.  Quick read! Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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