I love to write, but not about myself.

I love to write, and my stories will always have a happily ever after. I’m not a writer of angst, ‘cuz I’m a light at the end of the tunnel, glass half-full kind of a gal.

I love to write. It doesn’t matter if the setting is 1815 Regency London, 1850 Industrial Revolution Manchester, 1920 on a farm in Nebraska or 2015 in Chicago. To me, it’s all about the story, the characters and the romance.

I love to write, but not erotica. I’m an old fashioned gal. That doesn’t mean my stories don’t have sexual tension and loads of romance. It means I focus on love, not lust, long-term commitments, not one-night stands.

I love to write. I hope you love what I have written.