~~Romances set in America’s Heartland during WWI~~

These are not a series, but they may share characters. They are completely independent of one another, but share similar themes of life and love in the early 20th century America.


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choices of

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Blurb: Nebraska, 1920

Chloe Brandt wants to be a flapper. She’s got the whole uniform down pat, from the bobbed hair to the short skirts that ride above the knee when she dances The Charleston. She left the stifling confines and domestic violence of the farm where she grew up in Broken Bow to find excitement in the city and follow her dream of becoming a nurse.

When fate drags her back home, the small town and its people she once thought of as old-fashioned and backward welcome her with open arms. Maybe she could be happy and safe in Broken Bow… if only Reese still loved her.

Reese Lloyd is grieving the gangster-style murder of his brother and sister-in-law and wants to find his brother’s murderer. When he and Chloe, the love of his life, are named joint guardians of his brother’s son, he is torn. Involved with another woman, dare he risk his heart on Chloe again? Can he trust her to stay down on the farm and make a life with him when he knows her father will not give up hurting her until she is dead?

Reese could never love another as he did Chloe, but will she make the choice his heart desires?

Please note: This was once published as “Heartsong” but has been revamped into a longer piece . Rated PG-13